06 Feb 2023
Aaron Creigh, Singer-Songwriter

Now Working With Aaron Creigh, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

We are super excited to be working with Aaron Criegh, an incredible singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia who is getting ready to release his second EP!

Aaron Creigh hit the scene in 2017 with “All We Leave Are Memories”. He is known for his acoustic music and is a regular on the Melbourne live music scene. A consummate artist he plays multiple instruments, produces his own tracks and is in demand as a songwriter. His vocal abilities move from a creamy tenor through to the sweet fluency of a new-age Jeff Buckley with a Michael Jackson rock rasp. His sound is agile, and theatrical and references the greats whilst adding his own personal touch. Before embarking on a solo career, he joined the metal band, Dynon Road and during that time built a strong following on the Melbourne underground rock scene. Performing with this band he opened for internationally recognised acts including Parkway Drive, The Red Shore, Deez Nuts and Confession.