01 May 2024
Popera: sex, death & politics

Everyones Talking About Popera

We are so excited to be collaborating with Australia’s favourite allergy and Crohn’s, opera and cabaret girl for the premiere of a brand new show that we will tour to Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles and Camden Fringe Festival in London. Introducing Popera: sex, death and politics. This is a hilarious comedy cabaret show that has original music and runs game show style with audience interaction and fun to the max. It’s a bit like acid and ritulin had a baby and called it crack. That’s crack up laughing of course! We’re super excited to bring this performance to the stage. Get Tickets for the Motley Bauhaus performance on May 10 and 11, 2024. Buy tickets. Written by Bronny Lane and Uma Dobia, Produced by Little Train Creative, Directed by Bronny Lane, Music arranged and produced by Simon Reich, original music by Bronny Lane, Uma Dobia and Simon Reich. Special guest appearances from Ben Sorensen and Lloyd Lohse.