28 Oct 2021
A lady holds a cat

Front Page of The Ballarat Courier

It’s always a good day when we get PR in the agency, even better when it’s for a family member! Through a twist of fate and reaching out to see if The Ballarat Courier could help find Founder and Director Bronny’s mother’s counselling practice therapy cat, a good news story was found! After Buddy the Maine Coon, therapy cat went missing, everything was done to try and locate him including reaching out to the local press in Ballarat. Buddy was either returned or found his way home 48 hours later and the Ballarat Courier decided to run a story of Buddy and Bronny’s mother Marguerite around how Buddy has helped people being counselled through the pandemic as a therapy cat. It’s a beautiful story and we are all proud to see Bronny’s mum and Buddy the therapy cat front page!

An excerpt below, and you can read the full story here.