22 Dec 2021
Sydney International Women's Film Festival

That’s a Wrap for 2021

What an awesome last night of filming for I Wanna Be Famous at Love Machine in Prahran. Our cast and crew have been so patient in bringing this story to life, going in and out of lockdowns and we couldn’t be prouder. The final result is looking so great and we are truly hoping that this story will bring a lot of joy to all who see it. Also, we were so excited to receive another official selection for the screenplay, this time from Sydney Women’s International Film Festival. Thanks so much to all the festival team for selecting I Wanna Be Famous – we hope next year, they will be playing the pilot as part of their programming!

Writer / Director: Bronny Lane
Producer: Soledad Hassett
DOP: Konrad McCarthy

BTS photos courtesy Nathan Richter featuring Paul Westbrook as Kit Snow with fan girls Tina Currah and Ashleigh Redmond.