15 Feb 2023

Now working with Radioactive Cockroach

In this travesty of a Circus – who is the ultimate ringmaster?

Emboldened by the Me Too movement, Wendy calls out the man who assaulted her youthful self, and the institution that shielded him.

With the constant and tender companionship of Richard – her imaginary friend and alter ego – Wendy navigates the maelstrom that engulfs her when truth telling collides with formal processes.

Radioactive Cockroach’s pervasive humour, rich sound design, tender choreography and integrated animation, bring a timely celebration of self care and faithful friendship.

For media enquiries, interviews or to review the show, contact Bronny Lane, Principal Publicist bronwen@littletrain.com.au / 0413 221 252 or Melody Kin, Junior Publicist melody@littletrain.com.au / 0481 279 960.