15 Feb 2023
Strange Chaos

Now working with Oozing Future ‘Strange Chaos’

Premiering at Adelaide Fringe this February is “Strange Chaos”, a new show from the experimental theatre ensemble Oozing Future. After sell-out performances of “AutoCannibal” at Darwin Festival, the company will present a completely new site-specific work made for the Arthur Artbar car park. This experience unlike any other will be performed by renowned artist Mitch Jones (“AutoCannibal”, “Circus Oz”, “Slava’s Snowshow”). This is an excellent opportunity to see Mitch Jones from Slava’s Snow Show (which was unable to tour Adelaide) and Masha Terentieva present their own unique style of visually poetic clown theatre at the fringe.

“Strange Chaos” invites you into a lyrical realm of mysterious characters that take the audience on an energetic journey through punk culture. In front of a red velvet curtain, a clapped-out ute arrives with a burst of smoke, carrying a clown and his equipment. Ghosts gather around the glow from the headlights like moths. The clown unpacks and presents a unique theatre show that draws on punk traditions of DIY and putting on gigs in found spaces. Taking inspiration from sources such as David Lynch, the European clowning tradition, and wielding a slyly satirical sense of humour “Strange Chaos” is a quirky and joy-filled work harking back to the underground roots of fringe.  

“After working with the macabre and grotesque in AutoCannibal this new show expresses a different emotional perspective that focuses on joy, mischief and playfulness, creating a beautiful theatrical experience that we are looking forward to sharing with the audience,” said Mitch Jones, creator, and performer. “I’ve been attending Adelaide Fringe for 15 years and have seen it grow and change in an amazing way during that time. With this show, I wanted to return to the alternative roots of what makes fringe so special by performing in an unusual space that rewards the audience’s curiosity.”

Oozing Future is a physical theatre company based in Melbourne, that has created and toured shows worldwide. Founded in 2019 by Mitch Jones and Masha Terentieva, their previous work “AutoCannibal” has toured to Sydney and Darwin festivals, and they also have a large ensemble work in development ready to premiere in 2024.


Image by Jacinta Oaten

“We try to fuse circus with contemporary dance, clowning and sideshow to create a unique type of physical theatre,” said Masha Terentieva, Associate Director and performer. “We want to make compelling and visually poetic shows that are bold and unforgettable.”

Jones and Terentieva bring an impressive pedigree to this task, having worked with companies such as Cirque Du Soleil, Circus Ozand Slava’s Snowshow. For “Strange Chaos” they are aiming to combine a European clowning style with a contemporary Australian twist, drawing on a Mad Max, punk aesthetic. This exciting and inventive new work promises to be a dynamic and profound fringe experience that will leave audiences filled with joy. “Strange Chaos” is a stunning show that will linger well after the headlights have faded into the distance.

The show will run from 17 – 27 February in the car park at Arthur Artbar. Tickets start $25.00. For more information, visit www.adelaidefringe.com.au.

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