04 Aug 2019

Little Train & HRPR Launch Tommy & Tiger Terry

This June Little Train & HRPR worked with Author Darren Mort on the launch of his beautiful children’s book Tommy & Tiger Terry. Launched by the To Be Loved Network the book is a companion children’s book to the short film Tommy which has now finished filming at Phillip Island and has gone into post production. The brain child of Darren Mort, Tommy & Tiger Terry depicts a child in the midst of family violence and conflict. His imaginary friend Tiger Terry is Tommy’s safe place to fall. The film and book highlight the enormous and growing global problem of families in crisis and in particular the repercussion on children. 

As a result of Australia’s 260 daily divorce cases, threats involving children in family violence have increased by 76% in the past three years. In Victoria alone, two category one children (dead or almost dead) are reported to the Department of Human Services (DHHS) every day. The immense psychological impact of this on our children and young people is massively underrepresented. Darren Mort, Producer and Author brings to the table his 30 plus years of working as a Barrister of Family Law. He knows first-hand the impact divorce has on children and served on the Family Violence Taskforce Committee reporting to the Royal Commission in 2015-2016. 

“For children they will see their story reflected in the pages” said Darren Mort, Author “whilst parents will be able to identify what they can do better. The book aims to give children a voice, where they have none.”

The To Be Loved Network is formed by a group of legal, medical and political experts who deal firsthand with cases of family violence and child neglect.  The book was funded by the Family Peace Foundation and will be used as a resource / tool for parents and children to help make sense of family violence and parental separation. Through beautiful illustrations by Niama Wessely and a both heart-warming and wrenching story penned by Darren, powerful messages about the importance of treating our children properly are communicated. 

The To Be Loved Network has already resonated in a huge way: Degree of Separation (their first film) launched in 2017 was accepted into 24 international film festivals and won 7 international film awards including Best Foreign Film at the Hollywood Now Film Festival. It has since been picked up by a Hollywood Film Distributor. With an equally powerful message the network intends on taking Tommy & Tiger Terry down a similar path before filming production of the 15-minute short Tommy commences. 

“This is more than just a children’s book” said Darren “it is a crucial project with an important message behind it: that our children are our most precious gifts, and they must be cared for properly.”

We are looking forward to sharing the short film Tommy with you. For enquiries relating to the book contact Bronny, bronwen@littletrain.com.au