28 Nov 2022
Hologram Zoo

Introducing the Hologram Zoo From Axiom Holographics Launching in Brisbane this December

Imagine seeing a giant 25-meter flying whale made of laser light, or a life-sized hologram brontosaurus that acts alive. Well, now you can at the Hologram Zoo in Brisbane Australia opening this December just in time for the school holidays. The zoo has over 50 animals but not one of them is real. Instead, they are all holograms made using the latest solid laser technology. They act life-like: the giraffes even bite the leaves from your hands.

The zoo also has an aquarium so you can swim with the whales, and a dinosaur park where the dinosaurs are life-sized (don’t worry they are made of light, so if a brontosaurus steps on you, you won’t be squashed). The zoo has added smell technology so you can smell the holograms: sniff a rose or a holographic mango hanging on a tree. The life-like smells have been made by the Australian company Luxaroma, you may not realise it but even rain, storms, desert, and waterfalls all have their smells.

“We are so excited to launch our first zoo in Australia,” said Bruce Dell, CEO, Axiom Holographics “and have plans to open zoos in Europe, Texas, and Osaka Japan next year. This first zoo will give visitors the opportunity to experience 10-meter-high dinosaurs and 25-meter-long whales.”

The holograms make use of lasers and unlike a 3D object, you can look at the hologram from all sides and do not need to wear a headset to do so. Often confused with Virtual Reality (VR), the holograms are not flat pictures or projections on a wall, they are lasers built with a variety of technologies to create a lifelike image that can explode from a wall or fly around the roof. Some of the animals look slightly blue and see-through (like older holograms do), while others are colourful and solid, just like real animals. 

In recent times music concerts have made use of holograms such as Michael Jackson performing at the Billboard awards – posthumously as a hologram. Unlike concerts on stage, visitors to the Hologram Zoo can get up close and even touch the hologram animals. The designers have made the animals with such detail that you can pat a koala bear and see every single strand of fur. Visitors wear special glasses that bring the holograms to life and walk-through tunnels to experience the vista.

The zoo also has a hologram gallery full of new sights and experiences that people haven’t seen before. Cross a bridge over a giant hologram canyon. When you look over the side, it looks and feels like a 50-meter drop. Guests are in fact viewing a solid floor with a projection of an illusion of a hole. In another section, visitors will cross a river at night where glowing pink lotus blossoms float under the bridge and 3-meter goldfish swim below. This is a unique experience that both delights and inspires visitors as they marvel at the size and wonder of the holograms, which feel real.

“This is the most advanced technology centre in the world,” said Bruce Dell “usually, Axiom Holographics makes hologram systems for science organisations governments and defence. Our customers include the US Marines, the Australian Air Force, Bentley, and many others. With the zoo, we are bringing this sort of technology within reach of the public and what better way than with a zoo.”

The zoo will be open on the 10th of December and The Hon Di Farmer, the Minister for Small Business and the Minister for Training and Skills Development will cut the ribbon at the official launch on Saturday December 3rd. Tickets are $29 per person or $87 for a family. The zoo is a new way to experience wildlife and animals now extinct, this is an experience for all ages and the perfect outing this coming Summer.


For media enquiries, to attend the media launch, tickets to review and pictorials please contact Bronny Lane, Publicist bronwen@littletrain.com.au / 0413 221 252


Axiom Holographics is based in Brisbane, Australia and is known for many different hologram projects around the world. Its CEO is the famous Australian inventor Bruce Dell, who made the Unlimited Detail Graphics System in 2010. The chairman is David Merson, former CEO of Mincom (previously Australia’s largest technology company). Its global expansion is run by Matti Katalowloski former head of Nokia Digital US.


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