26 Jul 2019

How Exactly Does Little Train Work

Welcome to 2016 and with it our newly launched Little Train blog which brings about our first topic ‘How exactly does Little Train work?’. This is a question we find we are asked over and over again. People don’t quite understand PR or how it works. How do you get in a magazine? Do you have to pay to be in that top ten list? Our clients range across the technology, entertainment, not-for-profit, environment, fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries and this is something we are able to answer for them.

1. What Makes LIttle Train Different?
As a smaller company Bronny Lane, owner and founder of Little Train is the lead and Principal Publicist. This means that unlike other companies you get Bronny, the PR expert handling your PR directly. Other companies pass the work onto their PR team and you don’t necessarily get the best. At Little Train we are extremely client focused and the team very dedicated in supporting our clients. We pride ourselves of being available to our clients 24/7 during campaigns. We provide detailed media notes for interviews as well as chaperoning our talent when relevant, in particular for television and radio engagements that require in studio appearances. Further, we keep our client constantly in the loop so they are aware of hot prospects for media which are communicated as soon as they are confirmed.

2. Who do you work with?
We have worked with an array of clients and celebrities including individuals and companies from London to Los Angeles to Hong Kong. We have access to celebrities to open conversations or build a fabulous guest list for your red carpet event. Our expertise spans events, pr campaigns, social media and marketing. Some people we have worked with include Lynton Tapp (reality TV star – MasterChef 2013 runner up), Shaynna Blaze Vaughan (judge and television presenter – The Block, Selling Houses Australia), Brooke Sheehan (TV and film actress, model), Frank Hamster (comedian), Paul Salmon (AFL footy legen and Isabel Hartaeg (opera singer). Our clients include Global Village Multicultural Festival (Melbourne), ConSoul TV (Los Angeles), XRSlide (Melbourne), Diversity Expo (Melbourne), Wolf & Lamb LA (Los Angeles), the Victoria Law Foundation (Melbourne) and Avass (Melbourne). 

3. What is Your Area of speciality? What media do you have access to?

Our clients range across arts and entertainment, not-for-profit, technology, environment, beauty, fashion and lifestyle whilst we also work with celebrities, reality tv stars, social media influencers and personalities. We cover all kinds of media in our specialty area’s. This includes television, radio, magazines, newspapers, blogs, journals, social media, newsletters, regional and national and have the capacity to generate PR on an international level when appropriate. PR we generated last year for Brighsun went as far as Europe, Canada and South America.

4. How Do We Engage Little Train?
After we have had our first initial free consultation (either in person, via Skype or over the phone) Little Train will then provide a detailed quote and costing based on the prospective clients requirement. Once agreed Little Train invoices a 50% retainer and both parties sign a contract of engagement. The final 50% is invoiced at the end of the project or ongoing clients are invoiced weekly for an agreed amount. In some instances we work for a set fee and amount of agreed hours. 

5. What Happen Next?

Once we enter into a relationship with our client, we sit down and assess their needs in a realistic fashion setting goals for Little Train to achieve. PR Goals might look something like this:

a. interviews, news items or features on Australia television (channels 7, 9, 10, SBS, ABC, 11, Foxtel, nightly news, morning television programs, evening news and special interest programming)
b. interviews or features on morning or drive time radio (all major radio stations targeted ie: Nova, Kiis, Gold FM)

c. special interest pieces, interviews or features in print media including a ticket giveaway (ticket giveaway would also work well for radio), (The Age, Herald Sun, Sun Herald Sun etc. The Guardian, The Carousel, MamaMia etc.)

d. features in relevant blogs, email newsletters and social media 

After that, it’s up to LIttle Train to get cracking on delivering results. For PR campaigns we need great photos and information to put together a press release. Sometimes we will need to create imagery for you, or to arrange a photoshoot. Good copy comes from information provided or interviewing and data gathering. Locking in PR is a specialist skill and requires the ability to communicate with journalists and writers and build strong media partnerships – something Little Train has been focused on achieving for many years now.

Did you know that we offer packages for services? For a low weekly amount we can manage your social media, provide ad hoc marketing advice and consulting as well as write copy for your business. Sometimes that is all you need and we charge a fraction of the price of the bigger firms because we are a smaller boutique agency. Email Bronny today for a free first up chat! You’ll be surprised what Little Train can do for you to generate awesome PR and publicity for your brand. Little Train is based in the Bayside suburb of Brighton and has clients from London to Los Angeles to Hong Kong as well as right across Australia.