15 Jun 2022
Cast and Crew for the TS4A Film Shoot

Full Service Video Production for Team Sports4All

While many headed off all over Australia for the busiest long weekend of the year we were on set with Team Sports4All shooting “Ben’s Story”. This amazing charity works to get disadvantaged kids into sport which has been proven to have incredible long lasting positive effects on not only the kids, but their families and the community.

With this filming project we were responsible for full service production which included:

CREATIVE CONCEPT: we met with our client several times and worked through the creative concepts to finally lock down the story we felt resonated with the intended audience.

SCRIPT: once our concept was locked in, with this particular style of video production we moved to writing the script.

PRE PRODUCTION: once our script was completed, we worked on casting and began location scouting, this included contracts, any permits required and general approvals we may have needed to film in certain places. Once all cast, crew and locations were confirmed and locked in, we moved onto wardrobe for our cast, set design, art direction and props before preparing our shot list and call sheets.

FILMING: undoubtedly the most fun (and tiring) part of the process!

Day 1: we shot at the Little Train office in the morning with the set we built for this particular scene, from there we moved to Flinders Street station where we filmed on the steps of this iconic building.

Day 2: we headed to South Melbourne for various outdoor shooting locations including Park Street and Clarendon Children’s Centre. Then we headed back to the Little Train office where we recorded the voice over for the story.

Day 3: this was out longest day, we spent the day at Boss James Oval on Bluff Road in Hampton filming the final and most complicated scene with many different shots involving kids playing football, taking marks, celebration, spectators cheering, cars arriving and more! This was such an awesome location for filming and everyone had an absolute blast, although as usual, there was a lot of surprise around how long things take to film.

POST PRODUCTION: Now that the filming is in the bag, we will move into post production which brings with it the renewed excitement of bringing the words from the page to the screen. The edit has begun and we can’t wait to show you the finished product!

For any filming projects, we would love to hear from you, we provide full service production including producing, directing, script writing and more. Contact Bronny on bronwen@littletrain.com.au or give the office a call on 03 9596 4600 for a chat.