28 Nov 2019
Melbourne's Perfect Smile

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Smile and the World Smiles With You at Melbourne’s Perfect Smile!

For Immediate Release
26 November, 2019

Smile and the World Smiles With You at Melbourne’s Perfect Smile!

Sit back and smile! Mobile teeth whitening has arrived with Melbourne’s Perfect Smile! Once an expensive trip to the dentist or risky over the counter treatments, you can now sit back in the comfort of your own home and get your teeth whitened. The treatment is perfect for the busy mum or teen who just got their braces off, the bride & groom who want to look their best on their big day or the socialite who wants to be red carpet ready or on the go corporate who finds it hard to schedule anything during the day!

Teeth Whitening is completely painless, fast and very effective for men and woman over the age of 16. For some clients they find their teeth discolored after using medications, drinking a lot of tea, coffee or red wine or after having braces removed. The bleaching agent used follows strict guidelines and contains 6% hydrogen peroxide. After a few sessions client’s teeth are transformed into a beautiful natural looking white color that is both fresh and attractive. The result – a perfect smile!

Dental Nurse Siba Louli noticed clients increasingly found it hard to fit teeth whitening into their schedule with patients declining the service upon receipt of the quote. As a result, the idea of mobile teeth whitening was born. Research from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed the importance of oral health including poor oral hygiene leading to health problems such as disease and illness. The procedure is suitable for clients 16 years and over and younger requires parent / guardian consent.

“I see a lot of people doing teeth whitening with no dental background at all. I decided there needed to be a trusted service from an industry professional passionate about teeth, cosmetic dentistry and teeth hygiene.” Said Siba Louli, Owner / Director, Melbourne’s Perfect Smile “it makes me so happy and excited to see my clients so happy about their teeth and with their self-confidence returned. I love providing tips on teeth hygiene and encourage all my clients to get their regular dental check-ups and cleans whilst explaining their importance”.

Siba is a qualified dental assistant with over 10 years of cosmetic and general dentistry experience. Her knowledge and expertise along with her exceptional eye for detail ensures clients have an exceptional teeth whitening experience the delivers amazing and exceptional results. Siba ensures that her clients are educated on the links between poor oral hygiene and health detriment by informing her patients the importance of diet and correct brushing, flossing techniques. Siba also educates her clients on the foods and drinks that cause staining and how to maintain that beautiful white pearlescent smile. Melbourne’s Perfect Smile offers 3 services including;

• Express Teeth Whitening: 2×20 minute sessions valued at$199.00
• Triple Teeth Whitening: 3×20 minute sessions valued at $249.00
• The Extra Mile Teeth Whitening: 4×20 minute sessions valued at $299.00

Teeth whitening has never been more affordable or achievable and the mobile service makes it . Following an initial treatment, it is recommended clients have a six week top up, ‘the Brightness Booster’ to keep their smile white and bright for as long as possible! To continue having a lovely white smile, treatments are recommended on a six monthly to a yearly basis. Melbourne’s Perfect Smile provides:

• A free mobile service with any treatment.
• Full consultation.

• Complimentary take home kit.
• Full aftercare procedure
Follow up

Melbourne’s Perfect Smile is a great option for whitening teeth in the privacy of one’s home.


To interview Founder & Director Siba Louli contact Bronny Lane, Publicist Bronwen@littletrain.com.au / 0413 221 252.