06 Jul 2022
Jess Mauboy and Bronny Lane

Entertainment Publicist Meets Entertainment Reporter

Back in the days before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were even a thing our Founder and Director Bronny was trailblazing in the fashion and lifestyle online world. As the founder of one of the worlds first fashion blogs AskBronny, she was one of the original influencers with the website receiving hundreds of thousands of hits per months from all over the world with fashion questions. Bronny was lucky to be invited to New York, Paris and London Fashion Week and also Melbourne and Sydney. She attended lots of parades, launches and events and got to interview some amazing people in her capacity as “AskBronny” and also for SassiSam, a lifestyle website that was launched around the same time. Both websites were launched in 2005 and went on to pave the way for what is now commonplace, that’s nearly twenty years ago! Bronny retired the fashion website around 2015, to focus solely on Little Train, but she brought all those skills and experience and of course relationships into the business. Here’s a chat with the beautiful and talented Jess Mauboy from that time about the launch of her range for Myer. Check out the super cute cameo from Bronny’s daughter Lexie!