19 Jul 2022
Salsa - The Show

Did someone say Salsa? Salsa into Spring this September at The Palms, Crown Casino

“Salsa – The Show” will take Melbourne by storm with a night of entertainment featuring the history of Salsa through dance and music that will appeal to the senses! This coming September, complete with a live nine piece band and 14 professional Latin dancers (featuring six world champions), the cast will light up the stage at the iconic cabaret style venue – The Palms Crown Casino. “Salsa – The Show” premieres to bring the audience on an inclusive journey of joy, fire, and sensuality. 

Many have heard the word “Salsa” and know it to be a dance they’ve seen on TV or synonymous with a steamy Latin American dance. However, Salsa is so much more. It’s a movement, a religion, and exemplifies true diversity. ‘Salsa – The Show’, will explain the roots of Salsa and transport the audience deep into the richness of its culture.

“If the global pandemic has shown us anything” said Laura Anderson, Creator and Director, “it’s that life cannot be taken for granted, so why not celebrate and enjoy every day to the fullest?”

“Salsa – The Show” will not only bring to life “what is Salsa”, but will be a breath of oxygen for the Melbourne Latin Dance community. During COVID Melbourne has been home to many Latin Dancers and Musicians, unable to get back to their home countries, with no work, and ineligible for financial support. This is Melbourne’s chance to feel the real meaning of Salsa in a showcase of worldwide talent.

Creator and Director Laura Anderson recognized a common thread – that Salsa is widely misinterpreted. It’s not a dance style, but a music genre and it would be impossible to tell the story of Salsa without live music. The live band in “Salsa – The Show” plays an integral role. Anderson specifically selected Music Producer and Lead Vocalist, Stefania Serna for her depth of knowledge and X factor quality. Stefania brings an intoxicating manner of delivering a historical narrative to inspire and entertain. Round out the production team is Mario Acosta-Cevallos, Lead Choreographer and 10-time World Salsa Champion. Cevallos has created a visual masterpiece that will leave the audience wanting more.

Salsa the show plays for three shows only at The Palms Crown Casino on Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th, 2022. Tickets are priced between $91.05 and $101.24 and are available from Ticketmaster. 


For media enquiries, interview or to review the show contact Bronny Lane, Publicist bronwen@littletrain.com.au / 0413 221 252



Saturday 3 September, 2022 – 7.30pm

Sunday 4 September, 2022 – 2.00pm

Sunday 4 September, 2022 – 7.30pm


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Laura Anderson – Biography

Creator and Director

Laura Anderson is a mother, wife, and business owner who has dedicated the last 15 years to Salsa. From learning, researching and immersing herself in the Latin Community, to dancing, teaching, and competing – to becoming a Salsa World Champion. Laura has touched thousands of lives through her passion for dance and is excited to bring this unique celebration to the community. 

Elka Eidelman


Born in Melbourne, Australia, Elka is an energetic entrepreneur, community builder and mother of two young boys. With a background in performing arts, gymnastics and over 15 years dance experience, Elka found Salsa in 2008 and literally fell head over heels for this lively dance.  In 2013 Elka Founder LocoMojo Dance, a street latin social dance school that quickly became recognised Australia wide. Elka has taught and performed widely for corporate events and festivals around Australia and has been at the forefront of creating leading Salsa events here in Melbourne.