15 Feb 2023
Delightfully Lost

‘Delightfully Lost’ now out everywhere!

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Aaron Creigh releases the beautiful song “Delightfully Lost” on this Valentine’s Day. The track is from Creigh’s second EP of the same name (due for release in March 2023) and showcases stunning vocal abilities that could hail from music royalty the Buckley’s (vale). This alternative song fits into any pop playlist and sits atop a version of the iconic Bo Diddley drum beat also used in many of the world’s most famous tracks including “I Want Candy” by the Strangeloves and “Magic Bus” by The Who. 

Creigh plays all instruments and performs all songs on the EP and produced all songs in his home studio. Creigh worked with Andy Mak from Native Tongue Music Publishing and The Groove Studios in Sydney for mixing the record and final additional production touches. The record was mastered by Joe Carra from Crystal Mastering.

“I recorded this at home where the entire record was written, composed and produced.” Aaron says, “It started with the guitar line and bass movement as a kind of mid-tempo groove. I was inspired by a guitar tone I was playing around with and based the song around that. I think the song is my version of what could be on Justified or Future Sex Love Sounds.” 

This isn’t a love song, it’s a homage to the sexiest of grooves fit for any hot date night. Aaron’s falsetto is reminiscent of Prince whilst the phrasing feels like a Justin Timberlake song. This beguiling track draws the listener into a world of darkness and fantasy that goes beyond Netflix and chill. This is about bringing someone into your world, sharing deep desires and reaching out to meet each other’s needs. “Delightfully Lost” is a song of seduction flecked with elements of a Casanova-like ego.

Aaron Creigh hit the scene in 2017 with “All We Leave Are Memories”. He is known for his acoustic music and is a regular on the Melbourne live music scene. A consummate artist he plays multiple instruments, produces his own tracks and is in demand as a songwriter. His vocal abilities move from a creamy tenor through to the sweet fluency of a new-age Jeff Buckleywith a Michael Jackson rock rasp. His sound is agile, and theatrical and references the greats whilst adding his own personal touch. Before embarking on a solo career, he joined the metal band, Dynon Road and during that time built a strong following on the Melbourne underground rock scene. Performing with this band he opened for internationally recognised acts including Parkway Drive, The Red Shore, Deez Nuts and Confession.Aaron is a riveting pop, funk, rock frontman who has reinvented himself as a solo artist. The debut from his second EP fits perfectly in any alternative or pop playlist alongside artists including Matt Corby, Tame Impala, Vera Blue, and The 1975. Aaron is a star on the rise and definitely one to watch. 



“Delightfully Lost”

Bandcamp: https://aaroncreigh.bandcamp.com/track/delightfully-lost

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7q3vvi1tr3bhev/2-Delightfully%20Lost.wav?dl=0

YouTube: https://youtu.be/6G8-rr_9qCU

Writer: Aaron Creigh

Producer: Aaron Creigh

Mixing and Post-Production: Andy Mak, Native Tongue Music Publishing and The Groove Studios

Master Produced by: Joe Carra, Crystal Mastering