04 Aug 2019

Case Study: Crisis Management PR

Quite often we are contacted to conduct crisis management PR. To give you an idea, sometimes people find themselves in a media situation that they are unsure of how to handle. A post on Facebook might have gone viral. They may find themselves caught in a legal mess that has been picked up by the press. We have helped many clients through this type of publicity. Often the press will be knocking on the clients door and they have no idea how to handle it. The message always requires handling which is where skilled publicists come into play. We walk in the world of journalism and the media daily. Recently a client contacted us to handle their publicity after a video went viral on Facebook and was then removed. The media were intensely interested in the story and we were able to take over all media leads. The end result was coverage on Channel 9 with an exclusive for A Current Affair. We wrote a statement from the client which greatly helped the media with information they needed and also supported the client with a managed message. The end result was over one hundred stories published with the correct messaging that was sensitive to the client.