We work with you to determine your exact requirements, then create the most effective marketing and PR solutions for your business.

Little Train PR and Marketing is an Australian company, based in bayside Brighton, Melbourne that caters to clients from London to Beijing to Auckland to Los Angeles to Perth to Sydney and beyond. In short it doesn’t matter where you are located, in today’s global economy, if it’s PR and marketing support you need, Little Train PR and Marketing can assist.

Founded 2006 to supply marketing and publicity services.

Our clients range from not-for-profit to corporate to Government.

Privately held, small business with 3-10 staff at all times.

Services provided: marketing, publicity, social media, events, web, video, talent and project management.

Responsible for delivering high level strategic marketing and publicity services across the lifestyle, technology, fashion, beauty, entertainment and environment sectors.

We are an Australian company, based in Melbourne that services national and international clients.

Our service offerings are tailored to the needs of the individual clients.

We provide talent management and agency services to talent.

How we operate

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What We Do

Public Relations (PR)

Our PR has appeared on radio, television, magazines, webzines, social media, blogs, newsletters and more. Little Train through PR has also generated business enquiries for brands whilst bringing together strategic high level business partnerships. Utilising our comprehensive PR database we can generate pictorials, interviews, reviews, guest lists, networking opportunities and editorial nationally and internationally for your brand. We have worked with small business, films, musicians, comedians and top one hundred companies to generate excellent exposure and create important partnerships for their projects. You might simply need to boost your event guest list, have someone specifically manage the red carpet or simply to create a connection to high level business. Either way, Little Train can help open the avenue. PR is an excellent and cost efficient way of boosting sales and creating a buzz for your products. We can also manage your launch event with access to high-level media and industry invites.


Little Train PR and Marketing brings over fifteen years experience to the table servicing the not-for-profit, Government and corporate industries. We have created programs for arts organisations, built membership and loyalty programs, managed branding, written copy for coffee table books, authored children’s books, managed red carpet events, created national advertising campaigns, developed websites, managed social media and more. Marketing these days is so much more than placing advertising. It’s the capacity to reach audiences across a broad range of methods and having the expertise to build business in a uniquely tailored way. We can write your marketing plan, value proposition or create your strategy. Little Train can then roll out the activity needed to execute your marketing requirements.

Web Services

Offering a variety of web services, the Little Train can build your website, email communication, social media, online store or review your current activity. If you need to communicate with your customers in a more efficient manner we can create email communications that encourage sales and visits, whilst complimenting this with an effective social media strategy. These days it seems every second person has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account, but does your business really need one? We can ascertain exactly what type of web requirements you need and then implement those for you.


From a 2 minute instructional ‘how to’ video through to a documentary or short film, the Little Train has done it all. We can create a series of videos for your organisation or one succinct production that explains exactly what you do in one foul swoop. Our experienced team offers producing, directing, editing, cinematography, script writing and more. We work with experienced professionals and closely with Image Control for high-level projects. Video is a highly powerful communication tool and when used effectively a great way of reaching your clients and customers.

Little Train PR Packages 2017/2018

    • The Caboose
    • $999
      plus 10% GST, plus 10% admin fee
    • Sometimes you need a one off campaign that pushes from behind the scenes to get your project or event into the media. This is where the Caboose is handy to simply get your message out there.
    • One media release and push
    • Multiple channels including TV, radio, print and online to a targeted media database
    • One round of follow up emails to work towards securing media including, organising interviews, comments, images
    • The Locomotive
    • $1699
      plus 10% GST, plus 10% admin fee
    • When you need that something extra, and a bigger push into the media, the locomotive will work harder for you.
    • One media release and push
    • Multiple channels including TV, radio, print and online to a targeted media database
    • One round of follow up emails to work towards securing media including, organising interviews, comments, images
    • One round of follow up phone calls to work towards securing media
    • Two pitch angles as agreed upon with the client
    • Multiple channels including TV, radio, print and online
    • The Freight Train
    • $2399
      plus 10% GST, plus 10% admin fee
    • When you have a lot to say, and need a regular release to keep those stories generated in the media, you'll want the Freight Train to take your message that one step further. You might want to run this campaign over a 6 week period to maximise the effectiveness of the messages to media.
    • Two timed media release pushes
    • Various angles and pitches in follow up pitching to media
    • Multiple channels including TV, radio, print and online to a targeted media database
    • Two rounds of follow up phone calls and emails to secure media coverage
    • Multiple channels including TV, radio, print and online
    • Add a carriage
    • Weekly reporting on media items $399 per month
    • Graphic/Web Design (price on consultation)
    • Logo design & development (price on consultation)
    • Marketing Materials (price on consultation)
    • Social Media consultancy and management (price on consultation)

All of our services attract a 20% administration fee and GST

Meet The Team

Image of Bronny

Bronny Lane

Director & Principal Consultant
creatif renaissance femme: writer, publicist, marketer, film maker, children’s book author and connoisseur of style

Image of Soldad

Soledad Hassett

Business Manager
Pedal scraper, retro rambler, home cooking hero and hopeless sceptic

Image of Hong

Hong Rui Lee

Graphic & Web Designer
Two wheeled transport fanatic, part time hippy & fire twirling world traveller

Image of Maria

Maria Romas

Production Coordinator
Glamorous, sophisticated, mysterious Dalmatian lover, has way too much pink in her wardrobe, tequila takes the edge off


Josh Casey

Junior Publicist
Local man of mystery, expert at all things camping, takes a mean catch in backyard cricket, commonly known as 'good ole grammar Josh'.


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